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I am Frank, a freelance Java developer specialized in backend development from south western germany.

Exp4j v 0.4.7 released

posted by fas on 2016-05-02 . Tagged as programming, java, exp4j

The newest version of exp4j fixes some issues in the tokenizer, allowing proper usage of postfix single operand operators.


A brandnew exp4j ALPHA has been released

posted by fas on 2014-09-27 . Tagged as programming, java, exp4j, math

exp4j has gone through a major overhaul and a current ALPHA release is now available.


Open Repositories 2012: "Akubra HDFS as a storage backend for fedora commons"

posted by fas on 2012-10-12 . Tagged as fedora, java, akubra, hadoop

Paper and Presentation from the Open Repositories 2012 in Edinburgh including some numbers about the performance of akubra-hdfs.


Serializing Apache Jena's RDF resources via JAXB into JSON docments in a JAX-RS context.

posted by fas on 2012-02-17 . Tagged as rdf, json, java, jersey

This didn't come easy to me, so I'm sharing my experiences with RDF serialization, using the Apache Jena framework and the Jackson JSON processor.